CNC Machining Services  CNC Machining Services

Our company can machine in-house made castings and various delivered parts and details made of aluminium alloys. The company's capacity for machining is proven by its modern machine stock.

The machines include five-axis horizontal and vertical machining centres and CNC lathes from Brother, Chiron and Mazak. The machining centres feature automatic measurement of tooling wear and discharge systems for chips. Computerised control of CNC equipment can significantly reduce the manufacturing process time, increase manufacturing precision and improve manufacturing repeatability.

Surface cleaning and finishing is available with:

  • abrasive vibration equipment
  • sand blaster
  • shot blasting machines
  • disc grinders, spindle grinders and belt grinders
  • radial riveting machine
  • band saws
  • trimming presses
  • surface brightening machines.

We also offer outsourcing of building required special surfaces and cast finish by paint coating, nickel plating or chrome plating on customer's request.